Welcome dancers!

Whether you’ve been dancing for years or are just starting out, we’re thrilled to have you joining us. If you’re one of our newer members looking to answer some questions, this is the perfect place to begin.


What is Swing?

Originating in Harlem New York, swing not only refers to the toe tapping rhythm found in many forms of Jazz music, but is also a term given to a collection of the most fantastic partner and solo dances such as the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. The vibrance of the jazz and swing era was loved by dancers from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, which lead to the formation of many exciting new dances and styles. This passion for dance continues to exist in Leeds, the UK and beyond within the ever-expanding network of swing dance enthusiasts who promote its revival.

What to look forward to with Swing Soc?

Our Thursday classes are relaxed and cater for every level throughout the year, so there is no need to worry about starting midterm. Also, no need to worry if you are not a student, as our classes are open to anyone over 18 who wants to dance. The classes will give you the foundations to take onto the social dance floor and once confident enough there may even be opportunities for the brave to impress with jaw dropping aerials.

In addition, weekly events for social dancing run by the society and the greater swing community provide a multitude of possibilities for meeting and dancing with an extraordinary range of swing dance fanatics.


Dance camps are a great opportunity to take your dancing even further by offering lessons from some of the best swing dance teachers from around the world! Camps also feature social dances, allowing you to test your new moves with dancers from all around the UK and hopefully make a few new friends at the same time! Last year members of the society had a fantastic time at camps in Edinburgh, York and Durham, as well as hosting one of our own. This year we are looking forward to attending lots more camps, so we hope you will be able to join us!

Big Events

The annual Christmas party is definitely something to look forward to and this year we’re hoping to expand our performances even further! Also, we’re looking to offer some specialist workshops such as aerials and sessions for our more advanced dancers to improve their skills.

Charity and Voluntary Performances

Previously, we have performed in ‘Lindy at the Light’, a charity performance run by the local lindy scene which raised money in aid of the NSPCC and we hope to perform at more charity events this year. Don’t worry if you’re still relatively new, there will be opportunities to perform for dancers of all levels!


There is much, much more to enjoy with Swing Soc; with quizzes, movie nights and a drink in the pub every Thursday. We also host a weekly dance social at Revolution bar in Leeds city centre which is great for if you want to practice your new skills or just want to chat. We’re a sociable bunch so come and join us!